Hobie Fishing Kayaks

Helnæs Bay, right next to the Bønnelundgård is not just one of the Sea trouts favorite larders around Fyn – it also creates an astounding environment for kayaking. We resently launched ten new Hobie Fishing Kayaks – perfect for the calm waters in Helnæs Bay.

Hobie fishing kayaks are equipped with an ingenious paddle system, which offers the best maneuverability, with your hands free to fish when hunting sea trout in Helnæs bay. Silently, you can approach the fish and present your fly, spoon or wobler. This is exciting fishing!

As a resident in our holiday homes you get 10% discount if you want to try the Hobie fishing kayaks

See rental prices further down the page.

Hobie fishing kayaks:

  • Broad and very stable fishing kayak
  • User friendly - no training required
  • Unique Mirage Drive System, which consists of pedal-powered fins - meaning hands free kayak fishing.

Helnæs bay - the perfect area for Hobie kayak fishing

We rent 8 Pro Angler one-man kayaks and 2 two-man Mirage Pro kayaks.

rental prices

Pro Angler 12 Outfitter
Pr. hour 225 DKR. 325 DKR.
Pr. day 550 DKR. 800 DKR
Pr. weekend 1000 DKR. 1450 DKR.
Pr. week 2100 DKR. 2500 DKR.